RSE Fellows take part in ‘Festival of science, wisdom and faith’ at Greyfriars Kirk

We cannot do anything against the truth” 2 Cor. 13:8

There are those who say that science supersedes religion, rendering faith redundant. But reverence for the natural world, finding the answers to help humanity flourish and sustain the earth community, in all its diversity, are spiritual pursuits too and many scientists attest urgent questions cannot be answered by science alone.

As we look forward to the 26th UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow this November, join Greyfriars Kirk, the Royal Society of Edinburgh and other guests, for a weekend of events that celebrate what happens when experts and those interested in a variety of fields seek knowledge and truth together.

Time travel with Greyfriars Kirk and the Royal Society of Edinburgh

Friday 22 October, 9:00-21:30

Three short sessions explore some of the people and events over the last 400 years that helped change humanity’s understanding of the world, and continue to have an impact today:

  • Witches of Scotland: “17th century Scotland: What it was like to be of that time, that place”
  • Professor Stuart Monro FRSE: “James Hutton: Enlightenment thinker with a legacy for the present day”
  • Dr Rebekah Widdowfield: “RSE Post-Covid-19 Futures Commission: Debate and dialogue, academia and all of us

A lively panel discussion with special guests will take stock of where we are today, and consider key challenges we face as a society as we hope to move into a “post-pandemic” world. How best might these challenges be faced? Knowledge and expertise, debate and dialogue come in many forms and contexts. How might these be shared and shaped to ensure wide engagement; with academics and experts, and with everyday practitioners of life?

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