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Key findings and recommendations from the Post-Covid-19 Futures Commission

The Commission launches a new report, making several recommendations for decision-makers to support Scotland’s Covid recovery

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Covid-19 is probably the most challenging time many of us have ever experienced. However, this crisis has opened the door to new ways of doing things. The RSE’s Post-Covid-19 Futures Commission aims to support a better future for Scotland and to build a fairer and more resilient society, through addressing both immediate challenges and longer-term policy and practice questions.

Building National

What does a resilient Scotland look like and what threats and challenges does Scotland face in the future? How do we prepare for this?

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Data, Evidence
& Science

What does Covid teach us about how data, evidence and science is accessed, used and communicated by Governments? How can we use this learning to enhance Scotland’s ability to effectively use data, evidence and science?

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Public Service

What can we learn in terms of practices, approaches and outcomes of those delivering person-centred public service across Scotland? What change is possible in the near future?

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Public Debate
& Participation

How have the public been informed and engaged in Scotland’s Covid-19 experience? How do we build on this experience to improve the quality of public debate and increase the impact of public participation in decision making ?

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Get in Touch

We are keen to learn from the experiences of people of Scotland and to hear your ideas about building a better Scotland post-Covid. The workstrands will also be creating opportunities for people to share their experience, and contribute to the work of the Commission. If you have ideas you would like to share with the Commission, please get in touch.

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