A ‘Hack’ is an event in which groups are put together within a set duration of time, to encourage focussed thought and idea generation to ‘Hack’ through a challenge question. This event will take place virtually, and allow you to vote on six different scenarios that our groups of collaborators will come up with as solutions to address this question:

How can we tackle the spread of “fake news” and build public knowledge and trust in sound science?

Our hack participants will be provided with three prompt scenarios of how they can further explore this problem question through social media platforms, data challenges, and social health quandaries. This will give you, the audience, insight into their thinking and allow us to have a public conversation about a complex topic when they present their solutions live.

The main purpose of this event is to trial a new format of digital problem-solving and stimulate wider debate on the question from both the Hack participants and the attending public. Whilst there is no expectation of a ‘final product’ being delivered by the teams, we want to bring together individuals from a diverse range of industries and environments to encourage collaboration and consideration of the question’s many dimensions.

Of course, the ideas generated from the Hack will play an important part in informing the reflections of the Public Debate and Participation Working Group as it draws together final conclusions from the Commission’s work. We hope to see you soon! #HackFakeNews

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